The Artbox Art Party

You Are Invited to Join the Show

On Aug 25, 2023, we will be hosting another Artbox Event. Artbox is about bringing art culture to the city. The goal is to create an approachable art space for everyone while exposing local artists. This event, we are collaborating with Toronto Fashion brand, Jadenne Co and bringing you an art & fashion show like no other. We are expecting 300+ guests to join us this event.   

Requirements to Confirm Entry: 

1. Send Us Your Art

Email info@artboxtoronto.com clear images of the 3-7 pieces you will be displaying at the event. Be sure to include the with images of the art being submitted, Name of the piece, Size in inches, and Price in CAD$.

Paintings, photography and sculptures are accepted.

Submission deadline is Aug 11, 2023.


2. Confirm Submission Fee

 Confirm $30 fee to join by sending an e-transfer to events@artboxtoronto.com or clicking the link at the bottom of the page 

Submission Fee Includes:
  • Art Installation¬†with labels¬†
  • A prints section on the sales table
  • Personal¬†discount code for guests
  • 12:00pm Early¬†Entry for featured artists and artist assistants (if artists choose to bring an assistant, please be sure they have purchased a ticket if they are staying for the event)¬†
  • Art¬†supplies for artists who live paint.¬†An optional 30 minutes will be given to artists to create a live painting or drawing. Artists can go multiple rounds. There will be a raffle draw for guests to win the live paintings. Please let us know in your submission email if you will be live painting. Live art will given away as prizes or sold to guests who make an offer that is suitable to the artist.¬†
  • Social media features on @artboxevents via Facebook and Instagram
  • Add your art (prints and originals) complimentary for 1 year on the artboxtoronto.com sales platform. Artists have the option to add or remove art from the online¬†sales platform at anytime. Please note,¬†a 30% commission (+ shipping fees if shipped by Artbox) will apply to online art sales and a 20% commission will apply to in-person art sales.¬†
  • Lastly, if you would like to collaborate on merch such as t-shirts and tote bags, please include that in your submission email. Partial proceeds will go to the¬†Heart & Stroke Foundation and Salvation Army Women‚Äôs shelter. 50% of profits will go to the artist.¬†

3. Repost Artbox on Social Media

We kindly ask all artists to post the current event flyer on Instagram stories and/or posts. Be sure to tag @artboxevents. The more guests that come to the event, the more potential art sales.

4. Physical Art Submissions

Once approved, art is to be submitted physically for  the show day of. Please arrive between 12pm-3pm to drop off your art to be installed.   

Art must be taken with artists night of the event as safe storage cannot be guaranteed once the event is complete 

Please contact Natasha Fernandes with any questions you may have.
(416) 892-1330 | info@artboxtoronto.com 
Please note photos and videos taken at Artbox events may be used for social media and marketing purposes. 

This is a private page for invited artists only.
Submission fee will be returned to artists who are not selected for the show.